Posted September 7, 2021
Are you thinking about getting more involved? Apply to be our new Volunteer Coordinator!

We are actively looking for a new Volunteer Coordinator!  The Conifer area has a wide variety of residents and it is our wish that all are well represented. This is a wonderful opportunity for just about anyone – retirees or those with part-time or full-time jobs, perhaps college students looking to expand their resume and gain experience.

Time Commitment: Approximately 2 hours per month, or more as desired.

Description: The Volunteer Coordinator (VC), using SignUp Genius (or similar), coordinates volunteers for our programs and other activities (such as: annual spring cleaning, facilities/building maintenance, archiving/administration, community outreach booths, and other projects where we will need help). The VC works with the Board of Directors as needed to determine what volunteer roles are needed. The VC meets with potential new volunteers to help determine their best fit within our organization. The VC works with the Board of Directors to select the Volunteer of the Year.

Skills: Past Experience as a Volunteer (or as a Volunteer Coordinator) with CHSM or another Non-Profit Organization. Comfort with Signup Genius or similar scheduling platform. Organized. Strong Interpersonal Skills (written, on phone, in person). 

This is an unpaid volunteer position that can mostly be completed mostly from home and would require the use of your own computer, phone, and internet as needed.

Volunteer Coordinator Application

If you have a resume to send, we'd love to see it. It would be great for you to fill out our volunteer survey to better understand your interests.

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