Conifer has deep historical roots and we are eager to share them with everyone. We are tapping into our community’s history and providing a venue to show off the historical treasures that you and your neighbors have. We have utility bills to pay at the Little White School (26951 Barkley Road) and ongoing operating expenses. Residing in Unincorporated Jefferson County, we receive no public funding, so your donations go a long way towards supporting our mission!  We always have projects that can only succeed through your monetary support – our Collections Committee is hard at work cataloging and archiving precious pieces of Conifer’s history. Our Operations Committee designs our educational programs and exhibits. Our Educational Outreach Committee is always looking for new ways to help the students and children of the Conifer area grow!

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Did you know: In 2015 Congress and President Obama made permanent a tax law on qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) that allows individuals 70½ or older to give directly from their IRAs rather than having to take a distribution that would trigger an income-tax bill. The rules allow you to save on taxes and, as a result, give more if you want. Because a QCD reduces income and is not an itemized deduction, it even benefits investors who do not itemize. Contact your IRA Administrator for assistance in making an IRA donation to CHSM!

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