Join our Board of Directors!

Posted September 4, 2020

We are actively seeking a new Secretary of the Board for the 2021-2022 board term!

Board members meet 4 times per year to review open issues for vote, as well as help steer the direction of our organization.

We are looking a Secretary who is passionate about history and have a (current or past) connection to our Conifer, Colorado area.

The Conifer area has a wide variety of residents and it is our wish that all are well represented. This is a wonderful opportunity for just about anyone – retirees and those who still work full time jobs, perhaps college students looking to expand their resume and gain experience.

Time Commitment: At a Minimum, Board Members will attend 4, 1 hour meetings per year. The Secretary compiles our quarterly board meeting packet and agenda (from information provided by committee chairs), takes the board meeting minutes, keeps track of all official contracts and records, publishes notices of scheduled meetings. Our development committee (membership, etc.) is accountable to The Secretary. The Secretary will need to be comfortable with MS Office (or similar).

Any additional commitments you can make to volunteering and assisting with varying committee goals is wonderful!

This is a volunteer position that can be completed from home (outside of the scheduled board meetings, which take place at 26951 Barkley Road in Conifer – if not Virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions), and would require the use of your own computer, phone, and internet as needed.

Board Member Application

If you have a resume to send, we'd love to see it. It would be great for you to fill out our volunteer survey to better understand your interests.

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