Educational Programs

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3/26/2023 at 2pm – The Shadow Mountain Legacy

Join us at the Little White Schoolhouse as we host a forum of long time Shadow Mountain neighborhood residents to share stories of their land and homes.  $10/$12 (m/n)


5/7/2023 at 2pm – Homesteading the West – The Tale of Lavinia Morgan Anderson

Join us at the Little White Schoolhouse as we host Storyteller & Author Linda Batlin for the tale of Lavinia Morgan Anderson, a composite character of a pioneer woman living on a ranch in Colorado in the late 1880s. While Lavinia did not actually exist, her life did exist as well as that of thousands of other women who made similar journeys. This story is drawn from snippets of many diaries the women kept telling of their challenges, privations, fears and triumphs. They record the woman’s side of pioneer life. Come and learn about these adventures and more through this thrilling living history program.  $10/$12 (m/n)

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